4 Reasons Why the Visalus Compensation Plan Rocks!

by admin on January 28, 2012

Visalus Compensation Plan

The purpose of this post is not to give you every nitty gritty detail about the Visalus Compensation plan.  First of all, unless you are a very analytical person, that would just bore you to death.   The purpose of this post is to tell you why the plan is different from most MLM’s and the phycology of why it just flat out works.  If you are looking for numbers and income projections you might as well leave now!

Reason#1-The 90 day Visalus Challenge

Let’s face it…almost everyone is unhappy with their body or weight.  By making the company motto “Join the Challenge” rather then “Get Rich Quick with Visalus”, they have created a movement and community of people that want to make a change both physically and financially.  It is much easier to ask someone to join a “lose weight challenge” then it is to ask them to join your business.  Once people realize how great the product is and they can also make money, there is a natural transition to become a representative from a customer.

Visalus Compensation plan

Reason #2 Refer 3 and get your FREE!

This is one of the smartest things that I have seen in a long time from an MLM company.  Visalus is one of the few companies that actually has more customers then reps.  Usually companies create a false demand for their product by making their reps maintain a certain amount of sales volume.  No surprise that most of this volume comes from their own personal consumption.

In the Visalus Compensation plan,if you refer 3 customers you can get your auto-ship for free!  This solves one of the major problems in MLM which is attrition.  By giving the the product away for free representatives have no reason to quit the business.

Visalus has taken this a step further by allowing customers to get their product for free when they refer 3!  This creates viral marketing as your customers will refer you business without giving a crap about you!  They will only be selfishly trying to get their own product for free which will put money in your pocket and build your residual income!

Reason #3 The Bimmer Club

visalus compensation planGiving away a car as an MLM promotion is nothing new.  Giving away a car at the front end of the compensation plan is!  That what Visalus Compensation Plan has done.

Instead of giving away a car to someone who is already raking in $20K per month who clearly doesn’t need it, they have put their car bonus towards the front end of the comp plan.

This gives average Joe’s the opportunity to show their friends and family that this thing is actually working, giving themselves instant credibility.

In fact, Visalus has already given away over 5000 BMW’s!  Imagine how many haters will be flocking to join you when you post a picture of your new “FREE” BMW!

Reason #4- The Holding Tank

In the Visalus Compensation plan, anyone that you personally sponsor goes into a holding tank for 60 days.  This gives you the opportunity to place them anywhere in your business so create momentum for people that are actually working the business and help your rising stars get success faster which will ultimately keep them in the game!  No more worrying about which leg to place someone in and worrying if they are a heavy hitter or not.  Just wait and see, then place!

Reason #5- Stars and Cars (Simplicity)

In my last company if someone asked me about the compensation plan I could not help them at all.  It was so confusing I had no idea how to advance or what it took to get to different leadership levels.

In the Visalus Compensation Plan it’s all about stars and cars!  Get 3 customers and 3 reps, you become a star.  Help 6 people become stars and you get a car!  The whole plan is based on this concept of stars and cars, so it never gets confusing!  The genius is in the simplicity.  Also, think about what this does for your residual income. Each person is focused on getting their product for free.  This helps retention.  Since the Bimmer Club is so easy to obtain in the comp plan, think about how long a person will work the business if they have a free car!  It is pure genius!

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