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by admin on November 7, 2011

alivemaxYou probably on this website because you are looking from some information on AliveMax before you join or you are looking for some help in generating some leads for your AliveMax business.  Either way, this post is for you!  I am not an AliveMax representative or affiliated with the company in anyway.

What is AliveMax?

is a heatlh and wellness company that specializes in nutritional sprays and skin care.  They build their brand through a popular marketing channel called multi-level marketing.  Also, known as MLM, mult-level marketing is a way to advertise a business without ever doing a commercial, radio spot, or newspaper ad.


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AliveMax never has to pay for advertising unless a product is sold!  They only pay out commissions to a highly motivated group of independent representatives that are all building their own personal AliveMax business.  Each representative has a chance to recruit others business builders into their organization.  They are then paid a percentage of their entire groups sales.  Each representative also needs to either sell or consume a certain amount of product in order to be eligible for commissions.  By requiring reps to consume a certain amount of product huge monthly sales are done on a residual basis even if no one in the company is selling to any outside consumers.

What Does AliveMax Sell?

AliveMax has 2 main product lines.  Their main product is a line of nutritional spays.  I’ve heard for a long time that if you take vitamins in the form of a pill that your body may not get all of the nutrients from the pill because it has to break it down and your body will not absorb it.  AliveMax solves this problem by offering the same vitamins in a spray form.  This means that your body will not have to break down anything and the vitamins will be absorbed directly into your body.

They also have a fat loss spray, a veratrol spray, and a vitality spray.  Along with their nutritional sprays AliveMax also has a line of skin care products.  They seem to really focus on the spray nutritionals so I won’t go into the skin care line.

Can You Be Successful In AliveMax?

The short answer here is yes!  It appears to be a solid company with a unique product that many people will use daily.

The real question mark here is YOU!  Will YOU market your business everyday consistently?  Will YOU quit the first time your family tells you no?  Will YOU learn how to market on the internet once your warm market runs out?  Will YOU show your plan 3-5 times per day no matter what people tell you?

These are the things that create millionaires in MLM companies.  The product line, the leadership, the owners, do not matter.  What matters is if you will take consistent action everyday and show your plan!


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