Blog Beast-Who The Hell Want To Blog From Their Phone?

by admin on October 9, 2013

Will the Blog Beast make you money beyond your wildest dreams?

Will Blog Beast get you more traffic then you can imagine?

Will Blog Beast let you get rid of that annoying lap top and let you blog right from your phone?

One of the most annoying things about all the hype regarding the blog beast is that you will be able to blog right from your phone!  WOW!  Who freaking cares.  You know what the most annoying this about my phone is?  The fact that when I try and type a 10 word sentence I get about 6 typos because the buttons are so small on the phone it is impossible to type!

Look, people are going to make heaps of money from the Blog Beast, but the people that are going to make the majority of the money from Blog Beast are going to make it because they already have a list, following, or exposure from Empower Network.  Not because they are going to be blogging from their phone!  Do you really think that Tony Rush is going to be blogging daily from his phone?  Yeah right!  He probably hasn’t wrote 10 blog posts since he started with Empower!

Of the top 20 affiliates in Empower I would say that 1-2 of them made their money from actually blogging on the domain.  Maybe Justin Verringia and Chris Record.  Other then that you have people like Rob Fore, Troy Shanks and Jon Mroz that blog for leads but use their own branded domains to make their money in Empower Network.

Blog beast will not get you more traffic unless Empower does some things to help teach their reps how to optimize and promote their posts.  Right now everyone is searching around the internet and trying to dissect the 15k formula spending countless hours looking for the secret when all they need to do is follow the training in Level One network to get traffic, leads and sales to whatever they want.

I may come across as negative towards Empower Network but the truth is that I made money with Empower.  But there is something about the culture and how it attracted these big time marketers that never even blogged before and they are all selling a blogging system.  I’m not saying that you need to use everything you sell, but it just seems hypocritical to me.

Blog beast has some incredible marketing behind it.  People will make massive money during the launch.  Blog Beast might change lives.  But what I do know is that Blog Beast will leave many people looking for answers, and I would be happy to help those people when they quit Empower and end up with me at Level One Network!

Blog Beast RANT over!

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