David Wood: Visionary or Outright Scammer?

by admin on August 23, 2013

David Wood: Visionary or Outright Scammer?

The words David Wood and scam get thrown around a lot together lately.  With over a hundred thousand people that have joined Empower it was bound to happen.  I’ve seen people call Amway a scam even though they have been around for 50 plus years.

So is David Wood a scammer?

In my heart of hearts I think David Wood started Empower with a vision to help the small guy make money.  I think he was frustrated that David Wood was the only one making money on his team and he wanted to change that.  That is why David Wood created the EN.   He also knew by creating the Empower he would bring on droves of people that had seen David Wood rise in the ranks of MLSP and Numis.

Unfortunately Empower has become somewhat dirty to me.  Because David Wood focuses so much energy and time on talking about Money and showing people on stage with big checks, it attracted an element to Empower that was not there in the beginning.

EN was supposed to teach people marketing, but because of the money factor it attracted people that just wanted to slam hundreds of people into the system and walk away.  Big marketers that have never even used one of Empower products are some of the biggest earners.  Jose Rivera, Mack,  Russell Brunson are 3 people that I can guarantee have never made one blog post or listened to one training in the EN back office.  They see it as a money machine and do not care about the intrinsic value that the products may or may not offer.

I think David Woods vision got cloudy after the money got so big.  I think David Wood has forgotten that the majority of people that come online are looking to make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars at first to help out with their financial situation.  I’ve often heard that an extra $300 per month would keep most people from foreclosing on their homes.  $300!  But with Empower all we hear is about how Justin Verrengia makes $80,000 per month.  Don’t get me wrong, that is awesome but I think David Wood has lost touch with reality.

He sells a blog that doesn’t rank in Google.  I mean seriously go and check some rankings.  My Level One Network blog outranks Empower Network Blogs for the following Empower keywords:

EN Scam

EN Compensation plan

15k Formula

Team Take Massive Action

Prosperity Team

EN Video Hosting

Empower Network 2.0

It’s actually kind of embarrassing.  If their product and training is so good then why can I outrank them in a matter of hours?  Or days sometimes?  There are 100,000 people all blogging about how great Empower is but their core product stinks.

In conclusion I do not think that David Wood is a scammer.  He is a great sales person and his presentation and sales tactics can be pushy sometimes, but a scammer he is not!


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