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by admin on May 9, 2013

Does Alexa Rank Matter For SEO?

So lately I’ve been reading some information around the Internet that say Alexa rank has a big influence on rankings.

Most of this has been coming from people that are in Empower Network who are trying to discredit Level One Network because of the disparity in Alexa rank.

You can see below that Empower Network has an Alexa Rank of 170 in the US.

Level One Network

Level One Network has an Alexa rank of 7938 in the US.

So does that help with SEO or getting your site to rank faster?  Absolutely not!

Think of it like this.  If I paid for 1,000,000 hits to Empower Network it would get 1,000,000 visitors, correct?  Would that help out the Alexa ranking?  Of course it would.  Does that mean it will rank faster in Google?  No.

Empower network benefits from the hundreds of thousands of page views that people are paying to send to the capture pages and sales funnels along with the SEO traffic that it gets from Google.

Now to be fair, I think at the moment Empower does have a stronger domain for a couple reasons.  One is that they have an aged domain that is 10 years old.  This is a factor in getting ranked in Google.  Second is that Empower Network has a home page PR of 4.  Put it this way, Amazon has a page rank of 8 and it is one of the strongest domains out there!

Here is the problem with the Empower Domain.  If you go to the home page or the home blog there are no links to the member content besides what the owners link to.  This means that you get little to none of the PR4 link juice that trapped in the home page of the domain.  There is no category system.  Which again means if you post content to your blog you are getting no link juice from the home page at all.

It is still a powerful domain but it is missing a few factors that Level One Network has included into their system.

For one thing, Level One Network includes every post made on the network on the home page of the blog.  This means that your content will get indexed faster and you will get the link juice from the home page.  Right now there is no page rank, but as soon as there is an update I’m sure it will jump to a PR 2-3 right away.

Second, Level One Network has a category system that is linked form the home page of the blog.  This means that every time Google crawls the homepage they will go to the category page and go through each category, which will lead to every page on the domain.  That means your domain will never be trapped behind the home page like Empower Network.

So before you go and say that Alexa rankings make your page rank faster, think again.  Also be warned that the Level One Network domain is going to be a monster in a few short months to come!



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