Does The Body By Vi Shake Really Work?

by admin on July 26, 2013

Does The body by vi shake Really Work?

I’m sure this is something that has crossed your mind a time or two as you see your friends or family on Facebook constantly pushing the body by vi shake from Visalus in your face every single day!

Here is the truth behind the body by vi shake from someone who has used the Body By Vi shake as a rep and as a customer.  Because if you are only taking the recommendation from somebody who has a monetary interest in telling you that Visalus works then you are a fool waiting to be scammed!

It’s like taking car advice from a mechanic that works on commission.  Of course they are going to tell you that you need an oil change and a new timing belt!  They make more money by telling you that!

But here is my stance from a point of view that has no monetary interest in Visalus or the Body By Vi Shake product line.

In my opinion the Visalus shake tastes awesome!  The vanilla flavor integrates nicely with peanut butter, banana and most other fruits.  Of course that is my opinion and others may differ but I love the taste of the shake especially compared to most protein based shakes that I have been drinking for most of my adult life.  Usually they are chalky and taste like sunscreen or other horrible tastes!

When I was taking the shake as a morning meal replacement and a snack replacement in the afternoon while also keeping my workout routine and limited alcohol consumption I lost about 15 pounds over a course of less then months.

In other words I don’t think these shakes are some magic pill where you can eat whatever you want and drink a 12 pack and still drop pounds.  It still takes motivation and consistency on your diet to make it work.

That being said, it is much easier to eat less because the shakes actually fill you up for about 2 hours on average for me.  They must have some sort of fiber mixed in because most other protein shakes that I have ever tried leave me hungry in about 45 minutes to an hour.

So if you have the will power to not wash down a Big Mac with your Visalus Body By Vi shake then I say go for it.  It works.  You will still feel like you are getting your sugar because of whatever sweetness the Body By Vi shakes use and you will also lose weight if you use the shakes to replace 1-2 meals per day.  It’s basic math.

If you are replacing a meal that usually adds 750 calories with a shake that only adds 90 calories plus the milk then you will lose weight!

No as far as the health part of it, I cannot comment on.  I never really investigated the ingredients on the label but I can say that I never got sick or felt like I was taking something harmful.

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