Empower Network Review

by admin on October 31, 2011

Empower Network Overview

Empower Network

Recently I started to receive some e-mails from David Wood and David Sharp referring to 100% commissions.  I kind of dismissed them at first because it sounded absurd to me that anyone would payout 100% commissions because what would be in it for them?

So after a couple e-mails I bit…and I have to say that I am really excited about this product.

The Empower Network is a plug and play blogging system that pays out 100% commission when you sell the system.  The empower network solves 3 major issues that have not been addressed by any other MLM marketing systems.

Issue #1- Technical Snafu

Most systems are down right complicated to set up.  You need to learn WordPress and FTP and plug-ins and themes.  The average person will spend about 3-9 months trying to get their blog set-up just perfect before they will even start to market.  Then they need another 2-4 months of daily blogging for Google to start to consider them an authority site.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wait 6 months to a year to make money.  Of course blogging is not the only way to generate leads for your MLM but it is the most cost efficient and will produce results for years to come.

Empower Network solves this problem by spitting out an SEO optimized wordpress blog that you can just add content to and publish.

Because everyone will be publishing content on this domain it will gain authority quickly and posts will rank with less backlinking required.

Issue #2-Miniscule 30-40% commissions

Most marketing systems will generate 30-40% commissions when you sell them.  If the system costs $50 you will get a $15 check.  First of all $15 is not a lot of money.  So if you want to throw some PPC advertising at your capture page you better make sure that your cost per click is low enough that you can convert the traffic to at least make your money back.

Empower Network solves this by giving you 100% commissions.  This means if you sell a $25 product they will pay you $25.  If you sell a $100 product you get $100 commission.  By giving you 100% commission you can throw more money at PPC or whatever other marketing technique you want to use or experiment with.

Issue #3 14 to 60 day lag times on affiliate checks.

Most marketing systems and affiliate programs will hold your money for at least 2 weeks (The good ones) to 60 days before they even cut your check!  This again is a huge momentum stopper when you are trying to generate leads with paid advertising.  This is a huge gap.

Empower Network solves this by partnering up with First Data (the largest merchant company in the world) and getting everyone pre-approved for their own merchant account.  This means that when you sell a system that you will have money deposited into your account the very second that someone buys from you!

Empower Network DownFalls?

The only downfall I see is that even with  the super-blog that you will automatically get with your $25 membership, it will still take consistent promotion to get a blog post to rank.

On top of that, proper keyword research is required to make sure that you are writing about subjects that are

1) already getting traffic and

2) are obtainable targets for SEO.

Just posting on the Empower Network blog will not get automatic rankings and generate traffic and money.

My Empower Network Bonus

Fortunately I have you covered.  I have a systematic way that I get my blog posts ranked in Google.  You can see by the picture below that I have created multiple first page rankings for highly competitive keywords.

If you join the empower network though my link I will send you my complete MLM traffic Blueprint.  It will cover you A-Z on how I get my content ranked scientifically step by step.  It also includes a case study where you can watch over my shoulder as I get a brand new piece of content to the first page of Google in 1 week!

To get this bonus you need to do 3 things.

1) Clear your cookies.  (If you do not clear your cookies I do not get credit for the sale and no bonus for you)

2) Buy through this link here >>>>>Join Empower

3) Go to my Facebook page and say “Freddie I bought Empower Network through your link, now where is my bonus!”

That is it!  So what are you waiting for?  Go get your viral blogging system today!


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