Greenfoot Global Review

by admin on November 10, 2011

greenfoot globalI always enjoy doing reviews on companies like Greenfoot Global.  The idea of helping the enviornment and making money at the same time makes my heart feel good!   Just a heads up….I am not a representative or any way affiliated with Greenfoot Global.  My goal is to give an unbiased review of this company to help you make a better decision when you decide if you will join or not.

 What is Greenfoot Global?

Greenfoot Global is an environmental company that is dedicated to making the world a greener place by produce produce that help reduce emissions and the toll that we as humans take on this delicate world of ours.  They are also dedicated in helping people create a long term sustainable business opportunity to those that understand their mission and are willing to take consistent action.

How Can Greenfoot Global Help The Environment?

Greenfoot Global markets a product called EnviroTabs®.  EnviroTabs® help cars use less fuel through patented technology.  It increases fuel economy, produces less emissions, and increases power!


Do You Get 100% Commissions On What You Sell?

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EnviroTabs® offers a 100% money back guarantee because they believe so highly in their product.  From what I have read online people seem to be really happy with the product.  By increase gas milage and oil life the product definitely helps the environment and you can feel good selling this product to your friends and family or anyone else you may be introducing this product to.

Making Money With Greenfoot Global

Greenfoot operates as a network marketing company.  This means that anyone regardless of race, religion or backround can start their own business for a very low out of pocket cost.  By joining up with Greenfoot Global you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  Network marketing companies advertise by word of mouth marketing.  By using word of mouth marketing they do not have to pay for traditional advertising costs that most companies incur.

No TV ads, no radio spot, no newspaper ads.  Instead the rely on a group of highly motivated sales reps to do all of the selling for them.  Reps are only paid when they make a sale or recruit a new sales rep.  Reps are encouraged to recruit their own sales force which they will recieve a percentage of the sales of  their whole team!  This is a really smart marketing tactic because the company only incurs advertising costs out of their profits rather then paying for advertising up front and “hoping” to make money on the back end.

If you would like to learn how to market your business on the internet rather then chasing down people in malls or passing out flyers to random strangers, then click the banner below!


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