How to Make a QR code for FREE!

by admin on May 6, 2011

How to make a QR codeLately I have been seeing these weird little square boxes everywhere. They look like bar codes but different. After doing a little research I found out that they are called QR codes.

Basically these codes are being used in advertising so people can get a “Quick Response” to what ever they are looking for. I’ve seen them on plant instructions, car dealerships, and I expect to start seeing them everywhere soon.  Have you ever wondered how to make a qr code?

How to Make a QR code

QR codes are really simple to make as long as you have access to the software.  Just follow the instructions and you can have your own QR code that you can link to just about whatever you want.

Click this link  to get FREE access to QR making software.

How can I use QR codes for my MLM business?

This is what I plan on doing.

Go to

Make your FREE QR code. Save the image and download it to your computer.

Once the image is saved go to or any other business card printing service.

Choose a layout and fill in your information. Instead of putting your picture on your card put the QR image that you created. Imagine how cool and sophisticated you will seem to people when you meet them and you have a QR code on your card!

Link the QR code image to your primary business lead capture page! This should convert rather nicely since you will be one of the few people with a QR code on your business card.

Nowadays many people have smart phones and they will be able to scan your business card right away and be taken to your capture page or business opportunity presentation!

So go to and make your FREE QR code today and get some leads for your MLM business!

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