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by admin on May 8, 2013

There is a major buzz out in Internet land about a new company called Inspired Living Application.

Since I am in the home based business arena I am constantly bombarded on my Facebook wall about different pre-launch companies and different ways to make money online. I tried to ignore all the hype about this company, but it kept popping up all day everyday!

So I decided to take a better look at the ILA mobile app and this is what I found.

The ILA Living App is an application that can be downloaded to your smart phone for $9.95. Once it is downloaded you will get personal development videos delivered right to your phone once a week that are in bite sized chunks of about ten minutes.

These videos will range from debt management to time management to goal setting.

In my opinion everyone needs some personal development in his or her life. So now that we know what the application is, lets talk about how you make money from this!

You get paid three ways with ILA.

The first way to get paid is through your Inspired Living Application matrix. You can actually join this business and never recruit a single person and make up to $2511 per month once you matrix fills up. There is no guarantee that it will fill up or that you will even get a single person in your downline but there is a chance. I’ve personally seen people in my matrix that have only sponsored 1 or 2 people get over 300 people in their downline! That means that they are making over $100 passive income without doing a thing!

The reason that this happens is because of the spillover effect. Each person can only have three people connected to him or her. So once a person goes out and sponsors 3 people there next person get placed on the next row of the matrix in the next open spot. This creates spill over because each person must be placed somewhere!

Once you get three people you get a raise and you are a managing associate. This means that you get a 10% matching bonus on anyone’s personal matrix that you sponsored. So if they are making $1000 per month from their matrix you will get and extra $100! If you sponsor 10 people you will get a 40% bonus on all you personal sponsored reps!

The last way to get paid which is my favorite is called coded bonuses. It is common knowledge that the largest check in MLM history was due mostly to coded bonuses.

This is how it works. If I sponsor a rep the company will pay out $9 to the field one time. Since I am at the top of the¬†Inspired Living Application¬†compensation plan I would get $9. This doesn’t sound like much, but if that person goes out and sponsors 3 people I get $9 for each of them for a total of $27.

If those three go out and get 3 each I get a total of $81! Each of those people are coded to me to infinite levels.

This is a great program and you deserve to do yourself a favor and research it until you feel comfortable spending the huge $9 investment!

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