iPAS System (Prosperity Team)

by admin on August 2, 2013

Prosperity Team and the iPAS System

Question:  How many systems and funnels does it take to sell the Empower Network?

Answer:  I need to set up a new funnel to answer that question!

The newest funnel on the market to help sell the Empower Network system is the iPAS system which was created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell of the Prosperity Team.

I have known about Chris Campbell from his days with Global Resorts Network and the Reverse Funnel System back in the day.  I kept seeing him on the leader-boards and I couldn’t figure out how he was making so much freaking money!  This was before the days of Facebook when you could just stalk your internet marketing celebrities!

It turns out he was using solo ads before anyone really knew about them and he scaled his business quickly and made a TON of money in Global Resorts Network and the Reverse Funnel System.

Since then he has promoted a number of programs that were usually high end products and I was a bit surprised to see him on the leader boards at Empower.  I think he was the first major Internet guy to come over to EN that mostly consisted of lower end MLM players and MLSP drop outs.

Back to the IPAS system

The IPAS system was created in order to copy the existing way the Chris and Chris already market which is by sending out these packets of information to people and then upselling those people into to various income streams.   The iPAS system was developed to make it duplicatable to their team members so that they could then sell Empower Network on the backend.

The iPAS system is a collection of information that someone can buy for about a $10 trial.  If they keep it they are then charged $40 and the referring person will then keep the $20 commission.  It basically a funded proposal system.  Once the person has the information they are then called by a telemarketer that specializes in closing people into Empower Network.  It’s a very smart system and I can see the iPAS system working for people if they are will to pay for traffic.

Once the iPAS call center closes a lead for you, you must pay a commission to the Prosperity Team.  I believe the commission is about 20% for the iPAS system telemarketer and this service is only available to Prosperity members that are “ALL-IN”.

The iPAS system is yet another system that has been created to sell the system!  It seems kind of weird that a system that is supposed to be so powerful like the Empower Network needs so many third party systems and funnels just so people can buy a blog that doesn’t even rank well!  So if the blog doesn’t rank well and you need a the iPAS system to sell the EN system, then what are you really buying?  Hopes and dreams?

The iPAS system looks awesome but it is just another reason why I don’t promote Empower anymore.  Nobody is willing to learn how to market, nobody is willing to put in the work.  They all want some sort of easy button program that all they need to do is click a few buttons and money comes flowing out!
That’s fine and dandy, but in the long run you will have to keep chasing these leaders around so they can invent the next iPAS system that does everything for you while you just give them all of your money!

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