Is it True you can earn lots of Money with Project Payday?

by admin on September 22, 2011

Well here’s the lowdown on Project Payday

project paydayThis is how Project Payday works. You sign on to receive a sample of something;  let’s say it is an acne cure.

This product has a retail price of $50, but all you have got to pay is five bucks  shipping and handling.

What you do is send your bill in, and you theoretically get paid $20 for your time and effort, because you have to take some time to cancel the automated monthly shipment of acne cure which you might not have realized is going to get charged to your credit card monthly.

Great deal uh? You pay $5 and get back $20 so you made $15 profit.

The affiliate that referred you also makes a nice tiny check as the acne remedy company paid them a good commission to obtain a new sale. Appears like a great situation. Or are you scratching your head?

Is project payday a Truthful Method to Earn a Couple Of bucks?

Project Payday is a system that is designed to teach people how to earn rewards promoting “cost per action” offers, but unfortunately these strategies are highly questionable, like the example above.

Are you familiar with CPA offers?  These often start with a trial offer, perhaps offering something for which you only have to pay postage and packaging, the hope being the company will get additional sales and payments later .

All those crazy banners that you see online offering you iPods for a penny, free money or laptops if you fill-in the form or complete a survey, are all just a part of this cost per action incentivized scheme.

These incentivized freebie internet sites as they’re called, are all part of the same business  model that project payday falls beneath.

After completing the survey or checking a number of boxes full of affiliate offers, you actually will receive your free present. In return you have given up something valuable, that being your private information, and very often you will only qualify to receive their “valuable free gift” after completing several sign-up forms for other trial offers ; some even offer incentives for recruiting friends and family to also do the same.

Naturally, if you actually are interested in the product or service – then that’s a different situation altogether.

But if an affiliate comes in and essentially bribes you to finish the offer and then advises you to immediately cancel any farther commitment, the company gets cheated.

This could be a win for you and the referring affiliate , but the company loses big time because they paid a commission for what truly amounts to a fake client who truly had no real interest in the service being offered.

So the answer to the question: “Is project payday ethical?” is pretty clear. It depends entirely on which side of the fence you sit and your own sense of wrong and right.

Amazingly, there are people out there who do make six figure incomes only working part time promoting these incentivized CPA offers. The difference being the way they promote those offers, with their promoting talents they can attract individuals that are truly curious about a product. This model works extremely well when it is done in a moral fashion by mixing both the art and science of promoting and without cheating anyone.

I think you can see where I stand on Project Payday….

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