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by admin on February 13, 2012

KyaniIf you are on this page then you are probably thinking about joining the Kyani business opportuntiy or maybe you are already involved but need some help in generating leads for your Kyani Business through the internet. Either way this post is for you.

In full disclosure: I am not associated with Kyani.  I am not a representative or a consumer.  My information is based on things I have researched on the internet.

What is Kyani?

Kyani means “Strong Medicine”in native Alaskan.  Kyani’s product line is based on 2 products from Alaska that are said to have tremendous health benefits.  The Alaskan blueberry and the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.  Through the power of these two superfoods and the network marketing distribution channel, Kyani was born.

Kyani’s mission is “To empower people globally to experience more in their lives:better health, more wealth, and a lot of fun”.

Their main product line is called the triangle of health.  They say to take the Kayni sunrise in the morning. Take the Kayani sunset with every meal.  And the Kyani nitro once every day.  These products contain all of the usual suspects.  Anti-oxidants, Omega-3’s, & Vitamin E.  I can’t say that the quality is better then anything you may find at your local health foods store or GNC but will GNC pay you to take them and sell them?

Kyani and MLM

Over the years MLM has gotten a bad wrap.  People call illegal, people call it a pyramid, and others call it a scam.  If it were all of these things, then why do so many companies go the MLM route?  The reason is simple, because it works!

There is really no better way for a company to build up a loyal customer base quickly then to tie an incentive to make people spread there message through word of mouth marketing!  It is quite genius.

Let’s take a look at 2 different advertising models.

Traditional:  Companies pay for ad space, commercials, billboards and radio spots in “hopes” of generating a customer.

MLM: Companies give reps incentives to spread their product through word of mouth marketing and “only” pay when a customer is gained.

Think about it!  Kyani and the 1000’s of other MLM companies out there are in a win win situation.

What Happens When Kyani Reps Run Out Of Warm Market Prospects?

Usually an MLM rep will fail for one of two reaons.

1) They run our of people to talk to.

2) They run our of money to advertise and create people to talk to.

This is where most people will turn to the internet to start and market their Kyani business.   Marketing on the internet is a whole other animal in it self and it pays to get aligned with someone who has “been there and done that”!

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