Meet Freddie

My name is Freddie Baumann. I’m a SEO expert and attraction marketing coach in the field Network Marketing. I live in San Diego CA with my wife Melanie and 15 month old daughter Olivia.

I have been involved in Network Marketing since the age of 18. I have have many ups and down in the industry but something about Network Marketing always drew me back in. In 2000 I started working with a telecom MLM called Excel communications.

I graduated college with a degree in finance the same year and I decided that no matter what happened I would never work in corporate America. I couldn’t handle the idea of sitting in an office all day 40+ hours a week. After building a large team with Excel using old fashion MLM techniques Excel closed down it’s doors and closed down my income as well. I was devastated and swore that I would never work in the business again.

I started bartending so that I could make some decent money while still having time to try and pursue anything that was entrepreneurial. I started several different business and none panned out. I decided to get into real estate and I purchased a tri-plex in San Diego and started to become a Real Estate Appraiser.

During the housing boom of 2005 I decided I would pull some money out of my house and purchase another property in Arizona. Little did I know that the Loan Officer that I was dealing with was crooked and gave me a bad loan. My payment went from $2500 per month to over $4000. I could not afford my house and I was forced to learn how to make more money fast.

After being scammed into a bad mortgage I started looking around online. Somehow, some way I learned how to do SEO and stared my own consulting company. (

I learned that I could rank pretty much any website for any keyword online. I knew there was a way that I could incorporate this into getting MLM leads online. So along came My Lead System Pro. With my knowledge of SEO and the MLSP training platform and multiple streams of income I knew I had a winner.

Ever since I have joined MLSP my goal is to help network marketers in ANY COMPANY learn how to generate leads online without chasing down their friends and family.

If you would like to learn how to generate an endless flow of leads into your primary MLM business please feel free to drop me a line.

Freddie Baumann



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