My Internet Marketing Tool Box

The following systems/tools/software I consider must haves if you want to start a career in Internet Marketing and specifically marketing your MLM online.

****Please be aware that if you click on my recommendations I might and most probably will be compensated by the owners in some way.  I only recommend products that I use and would never endorse a sub-par product for monetary gain******

I can’t really say enough about this system.  If you want to learn all the cutting edge marketing techniques and get a system that creates lead capture pages and complete marketing funnels on the fly…then I highly suggest that you try out this system for any company that you may be promoting.  The owners of this system are awesome and they put so much money back in the users pockets.  There are 19 different income streams tied into this system and they keep adding more.  It is a must have in my opinion.  I am still not through all of the training that is included on this site.  They really over deliver.

If you plan to do any SEO to capture leads for your business then you need this tool desperately.  You can do keyword research, competition research, and find out the easiest terms to rank for MLM related or not on the internet.  It’s like printing money using this tool.  See how I use this tool in the FREE Training Menu.

If you are going to be online and position yourself as a leader then you need to showcase your skills.  If you have no skills then learn some.  This business is all about giving value to your people.  That being said, I recommend Camtasia video software.  It is easy to use and you can create great screen recordings and edit them really nice.  It is also makes it really easy to distribute to Youtube and Screencast.  If you don’t have the money for Camtasia then I recommend Jing.  It is free but you can only record a limited amount of minutes and you edit within Jing.  So you need to get it right on the first take!  I use a combination of both.

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