My Lead System Pro Review

by admin on April 11, 2011

If you have been around online for any period of time you have noticed that My Lead System Pro is everywhere!

You can’t do a Google search for any MLM company, leader, or product without finding someone from MLSP on the front page.

I’m here to give you an honest review of MLSP and let you know what I think it is worth.


My lead System Pro Review

What My Lead System Pro Is and Is NOT!

My Lead System Pro is a tool.  That is it…it is a tool to help you obtain up front money while you build you primary business.  They use a concept called the funded proposal and attraction marketing to help fund your business while it is in the early stages of growing.  This is done by offering porpects valuable training and resources that they need to build their MLM  business.  Then you can make a commission from helping these people get what they want.  All the while building yourself up as leader and someone that can offer your prospect a solution to what they are looking for!

Attraction marketing is the idea of attracting people to your business by selling YOU.  Not your company or your companies product line.  People want to work with people they like.  So if you think you are a likable person then this may be for you!

My lead system pro offers a variety of MLM business solutions in the back office.  You will find training on how to generate leads using:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook PPC
  • SEO
  • Google PPC/ Yahoo PPC
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Blogging

Along with all this training you will get a professionally designed capture pages,  pre-made lead funnels that already include links to a bunch of valuable affiliate programs that you get paid for!!!  Not to mention tracking capabilities so you know where all of your marketing efforts should be directed.

You will also find great material on mindset and offline techniques.

There is really not a better system in my opinion to use to build your MLM.

What My Lead System Pro is NOT!

MLSP is not a solution for you to buy and think it will solve all of your problems.  Paying the $9.97 test drive will not make you into a millionaire over night.  This is only a tool.  It’s like if you had a Farrari and didn’t put gas into it.  It looks pretty but it will not get you anywhere!

So if you are one of those people who expect the system to do all of the work then you should walk away and look for the next magic pill.  But if you are will to put in the work and follow the proven training then you will have no problem making a full time income.



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