My Level One Network Results

by admin on July 5, 2013

My Personal Results With Level One Network

A few months ago I was told about a new 100% commission blogging platform called Level One Network.

Initially I was going to use Level One Network as a quick launch to make some money from people that were not very impressed with Empower Network but still wanted 100% commissions and a place to blog.

So I shot out an e-mail to my list and I got a few instant sign ups but nothing too crazy.  I made my money back plus I was in a residual profit mode from day one.

Then something amazing happened.  I started to listen to the training from Dan Miller who is the owner and creator of Level One Network and I was blown away!  He actually outlined step by step instructions on how to create a blog post so that Google would index it and rank it within hours sometimes!

I was so used to another hyped up program on the internet that didn’t offer much value that I couldn’t believe the detail in which Dan Miller was taking with his weekly training!  His method of cross linking (Lesson #5 in the Master’s course) I believe will be responsible for me making over 6 figures this year with Level One Network alone.

In the last month I have received over 1500 visitors to my website!

Level One Network

That is all free traffic from what I have learned from Level One Network!  Imagine what you would have to pay for traffic like that!  Below is a snapshot from a website that charges people for traffic.  You can see that people pay over .78 per click to get traffic to their websites!

Multiply that by the free traffic I am getting and I just saved $1190.28 this month using Level One Network!

Level One Network provides rock solid, step by step training that a new person with ZERO experience on the internet could use to get FREE traffic from Google on a daily basis.

What does FREE traffic mean?  It means getting passive leads for whatever business you are promoting.  It means getting FREE leads every single day to build your list!

It means making money passively while you are out hanging with your family or having a drink at the bar or WHATEVER you like to do for fun!

It means that you may be ale to quit that 9-5 job that you hate so much!

The bottom line with Level One Network is this.

Anyone who is willing can put in the time and make this happen.  If you can follow step by step instructions, this is for you!

Learning how to get content ranked in Google is a way to write your own paycheck.   How much do you want to make?

Well find a keyword that gets traffic and get ranked for it using Level One Network.  Then monetize with an affiliate offer or use it to build a list and market to the list!

Click here to learn more about Level One Network and Team Freedom!







Freddie Baumann


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