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by admin on November 14, 2011

If you are looking for a review on Qivana you are in the right place.  In this review I will cover exactly what Qivana is and if there is room in the current market place for you to make money in this particular business model.  Be warned, I am not affiliated with Qivana so I will not be trying to recruit you into this company at the end of this review.  Just the facts, as I see them, from a MLM insider point of view.

What Is Qivana?

qivanaQivana is a health and wellness company that operates in a network marketing distribution model.   You may have heard of companies like this in the past such as Amway or Excel Communications.  Although there is sometimes  a negative stigma associated with the MLM industry it has created countless millionaires in every niche you can imagine.  People have made millions by selling things such as soap, pantyhose, electricity, phones, gold and silver, and magic super juice!

The really smart thing behind this business model is that fact that the company does not incur advertising costs until someone actually sells a product!  This is really different from traditional marketing methods where a company like Qivana must place newspaper ads, TV commercials, and radio spots in “hopes” of getting customers in the door!

Qivana Product Line

Qivana has a unique appraoch to their weight loss product line.  They focus on physical improvement, core balance, and core strength.  They have a few products in their line.  The first is their Qore System.  Their Qore System follows a simple 3 step approach to health.

Stabilize-  With Qore Probiotics.  This product helps to build your immune defense up.

Vitalize- With Qore Essentials.  This product gives you essential herbs and gives you energy.

Optimize-With Qore Detox-  This product will help your immune system by cleansing your body  of toxins.

Qivana also offers a product called Metaboliq.  This product is a metabolism booster which is known as a huge problem for many people that are trying to lose weight.

My Thought On Success With Qivana

The health and wellness industry will always be booming.  People are always looking for the magic pill to lose weight quickly.  (Just like people are always looking for the magic pill in making money!).  Unfortunately,  I don’t believe in magic pills for business or weight loss.  While taking these product may assist you in your weight loss, nothing beats good old fashioned consistent working out and eating healthy.

The same goes for your Qivana business opportunity.  This is not a magic pill.  It will take hard work and dedication for you to make the big bucks in this business.  You will need to show your plan to at least 2-5 people per day in order to start signing 1-2 reps per week!  In my opinion, the best way to learn how to do this is online.  If you would like to learn how to market your business online then you need to click on the banner below this post!


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