Sozo Life Review

by admin on October 26, 2011

Here I go again with another MLM review of a health and wellness company called SoZo Life.  Sorry if I sound a little fed up, but I see a new health and wellness MLM pop up about every other week.  That being said, I will do my best to give an unbiased review of SoZo Life.

SoZo Life Allure?

Every MLM health and wellness needs some sort of mystical plant or berry to give their product some allure.  In this SoZo Life, that mystical plant is the coffee berry found high in the mountains of Southern Mexico.  I have heard this story before.  How pickers go into their 70’s and 80’s in peak physical health because their hands have soaked up the magical powers of the coffee berry.

I’m trying to be cynical.  This could very well be true, but there seems to be little evidence to support it.

So What is SoZo Life?

SoZo Life is a health and wellness company that operates through a direct sales capacity.  This means that instead of marketing through traditional marketing methods such as magazines, TV, and print, they market by compensating a highly motivated group of independent representatives.  Each representative is in business for themselves but not by themselves.

There are great advantages of this for both the company and the representative.  The company gets free word of mouth advertising and only pays when they sell a product.  The representative can market SoZo Life’s entire product line and make commissions on sales without hiring staff, or having to ship products or worry about payroll.  As a SoZo Life rep you can also hire a group of sales reps that you can profit from directly as well as indirectly through the teams that they build!

SoZo Life Product Line

At the time of this post SoZo Life has 3 products in the line.  The first product is their Coffee Fruit Beverage.  It is very high in anti-oxidants.  The second product is their Ignite drink.  Ignite is a performance drink that doesn’t give you the crash like a Red Bull or Monster energy drink.  It is a health alternative to Energy drinks that won’t give you the jitters.  The 3rd product is of course a coffee product. Almost every coffee maker throws the fruit away when they are harvesting coffee beans.  Not SoZo Life!  You get all the great coffee flavors with the benefits of the anti-oxidants in the berry!  Truly the best of both worlds!

SoZo Life Business Outlook

Although I was somewhat cynical at the beginning of this post, there is something that I really like about this company.  I like the concise product line.  A few years back I was with a company called Xowii, and they marketing the Kona Coffee Fruit.  I was a big fan of this product so I like the coffee fruit aspect of the business model.

I think that there is a great future for this company.  If you are serious about success in SoZo Life then I suggest you learn how to market your business effectively.  This can be offline or online but you will need to get past the idea that you will only need to sign up to reps to be successful.  It never works out this way.  If you would like to learn how to market your business on the internet click on the banner below!


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