What I Learned From Empower Network :- Level One Network.

by admin on May 16, 2013

First of all, I am no longer actively promoting Empower Network.  I don’t believe that there was some sort of Empower Network scam, I just feel like Empower has grown too big for it’s own good.  There are too many teams and systems that it really makes it hard for the newbie joining some “no name” marketer with no team and system to stay loyal.  There is a ton of team jumping and alliances and it just feels too much like high school to me!

Don’t get me wrong.  I made over $12,000 with Empower Network and I am grateful for everything that I learned from David Wood and the countless number of marketers that I followed around and opted in to their lists to spy on what they were doing.

It just got too big for me.  I was sponsored by Dave and Dave so I had zero support even though I was all in at the Master’s level and I did everything I was told.  I invested thousands of dollars into paid advertising, I blogged all the time, I listen to the Inner Circle calls and still I did not have great success.  Maybe I quit too soon?  Maybe the 10K month was just around the corner.  But a series of events led me away from Empower and know I am promoting Level One Network instead.

Actually rather then saying I promote Level One Network it is probably more accurate to say that I use Level One Network to promote other things and I make money from Level One on the side.  You see, Level One will not equate to the earning power of Empower Network.  The cult type pressure is not there, the over priced product line that offers zero step by step information is missing.  But I know that I will hit my 6 figure income with Level One even if I never sponsor a single rep with the company.  Why?  It’s because Level One teaches you how to make money selling anything!  Not just MLM or selling Level One all by itself.

With Level One Network I don’t feel like a new marketer will sign up with me then leave me for another bigger marketer with a better system!  It doesn’t need to happen because Level One Network already has all the information in the back office to get you results.

If you think about it, its really kind of funny with all the systems that come out to promote Empower Network.  If Empower was so great then why do you need a system to promote your awesome system?  Something to think about!

So if you want to join a system that will actually teach you how to Blog and how to make money selling you only products that you actually need and want, then take a look at Level One.  You owe it to yourself!

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