Why I Joined Visalus

by admin on January 30, 2012

Every day you are probably getting bombarded with 10 e-mails a day on why you should join a particular company, marketing company or get rich quick uhmmm scam! So rather then try and sell people to join Visalus I just want to tell you why I personally joined Visalus.

Reason #1- The Visalus product

visalusI’ve preached in the past that it really doesn’t matter what your product is as long as you are good at marketing.  This is true when you are signing up representatives but not so true when you are talking about customers. Although most MLM companies are focused on the reps recruiting more reps, Visalus actually has more customers then reps.  Most companies are creating a false demand for their product having their reps buy all the product.

The bottom line is that people like the Visalus Vi-Shape Shake mix.  The only way that you are going to make walk away life altering residual income is to have customers that order the product every month weather you are working for the company or not.

The fact that customers can get their product for free by referring 3 Visalus customers is also HUGE!!!  Talk about viral customer acquisition.

Reason #2- I spend $100 on protein shakes a month anyway.

Personally I have always made protein shakes a part of my overall diet.  I spend about $100a month on protein.  So having a $100 auto-ship of protein saves me a trip to the store once a month!  It is important to me to be involved with a company that offers a product that gives value and helps people. There are so many testimonials about this product on the internet that you can not deny the social proof!

Reason #3- The Marketers

I already have a 6 figure stay at home business.  But I am always looking to get involved with people that make more money then me and are better at marketing. I noticed that some big names were joining up with Visalus and I saw this as a great opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of Nick Bramble, Lawrence Tam, & Cedrick Harris.

We call this group of marketers the Master Alliance!  Getting involved with the right people in the right company is paramount to your success.  I have learned so much from this group in such a short amount of time!  If you would like to partner up with the Master Alliance of Visalus click on the link below!
Visalus Compensation plan

Reason #4- It Doesn’t Feel Like Network Marketing

Promoting Visalus feels different from any other company I have ever been in.  This is fun…this is helping people lose weight.  This is promoting the Visalus Weight Loss Challenge as opposed to begging people to get involved in a get rich quick thing.

I’ve promoted long distance, super juice, gold and silver coins, & travel to name a few.  But nothing has been as easy to get people to try and use as this.  I rarely ever even have to lead with the Visalus business opportunity because people end up asking me about it when they start referring customers to get their Visalus product for free and they want to know who gets paid on those customers…..as soon as I tell them that I get paid, they are in!!!

Reason #5 My Wife Likes It

You’ve heard the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”?  I agree with this 100%  My wife has seen me join quite a few MLM’s and a couple 100 other hair brained business ideas.  Some have cost me $1000’s some have made me 6 figures.  She is always supportive though.  I knew I had a winner in Visalus when I had the following conversation with my wife.

Me:  Do you want to try this shake diet thing so we can lose weight together?

Her:  What is it?

Me:  It’s a shake diet so we can lose weight.

Her:  OK.

That was it.  If I could get my wife to try Visalus that easily I knew I had a winner!
Visalus Compensation plan

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