Why You Should Join The Unit Of Prosperity (DSD)

by admin on November 21, 2013

Why You Should Join The Unit Of Prosperity

The Unit Of Prosperity is one of the fastest growing teams within DS Domination.

If you haven’t heard of DS Domination you may living under a rock.  Thousands of people are making money with DSD and they are not even using it as a business opportunity!   They are actually making money by following the training in the product and applying it!  Go figure!  This is as copy and paste as you can get to make money simply online.

Back to the Unit Of Prosperity…

The Unit Of Prosperity was founded by Reginald Stinson.  Reginald had been online a few years and found some success with other systems like Empower Network, but once he found DSD he knew he had something special and decided to take DSD full time and give 100% of his marketing efforts to DSD.

He created a team within DS Domination called the Unit of Prosperity.  Here are some of the advantages of working with the Unit of Prosperity.

First of all we have an amazing Facebook group.  Within this group we have people posting their achievements about 50 times a day.  Posting about money they have made with Ebay, welcoming new reps into the group, and asking questions that they may have about drop shipping.  It is by far the most positive group that I have ever been a part of.

 The next advantage of working with the Unit is our weekly Google hangouts.  On these hangouts you can send your prospects over to it and they can listing live to real people that are having results with the DSD system.  You can add your username to the URL and when someone signs up from all of the testimony you will get credit for the sale.

Lastly (as if all that wasn’t enough) once you sign up today with me and the Unit of prosperity you will get access to our team training site.  This site will give you capture pages, and the training that you need in order to promote DSD on the affiliate side.  That being said, it is not required to build DSD on the affiliate side to make money.  You can simply plug into the training that DSD provides and sell items on Ebay to make a nice profit without recruiting.

The Unit Of Prosperity will be the most powerful team within DS Domination.  We have a great leader in Reginald and we are already adding around 200 members per week.  That is crazy!  So stop what you are doing and join us today!

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